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what is adhd coaching?

  • learning about ADHD + your unique brain

  • guiding you in clarifying what you want in life/creating a specific goal/s

  • assisting you in creating an action plan to achieve this

  • identifying the barriers preventing you from reaching your goals

  • creating individualised strategies to overcome these barriers

  • teaching you how to harness your unique strengths/talents + utilise them

  • breaking down self limiting beliefs, wounds + negative self talk
  • improving your relationship with yourself
  • accountability + support throughout every step of the process

  • from the perspective of a fitness professional & mental health advocate

oh & i will never call you lazy or tell you to "try harder"- ever.

60 min Intro Call: $165 incl. gst
12 week goal smash program: $1452 incl. gst



  • Once payment is made, I will be in contact with you to book our intro call

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